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Posted by on Oct 26, 2015

Flashing lights, interesting sound effects, large numbers with many  zeroes… Getting excited? Pokies seem to offer much more than just a simple few hours entertainment. What’s really hiding behind?

pokies-poker-machine-12001Did you know? The very first slot machine dates back to the early 1900’s. Developed in the United States of America, a very simple game, “Liberty bell”, was brought to Australia, today’s number one country of pokies and gambling. In the years that followed, it became more and more popular. About 50 years later, Australian companies became aware of the shiny future of these games and started developing their own. In 1956, something changed, and changed really big: gaming machines became legal. Registered clubs had government approval for providing this type of entertainment. For the first time, in 1990’s you could walk into a pub and have this shiny machine attracting your attention.

pokies-bankHow about today? Notice that today poker machine has a nickname: “pokie”. It means that many became so familiar and close to it… You can find it whenever and wherever you want it and need it. And, yes, do believe that the ones providing them want you to want pokies. Todays hotels and clubs know that you want to be able to spend your money on more than a night cap. They’re offering you lines of slot machines so you could choose the ones making your appetites satisfied. The club industry designs high-profile campaigns, making sure you’re convinced in their quality.

     How do they make it so tempting? Were you ever in a room with pokies and did not notice them? The answer is no, obviously. The design of those machines, sounds, accessibility and, of course, the most important: “high” chances for earning large amounts of money will tempt you. All you need is to sit down and press or pull and your wheel of luck starts to roll. Open until 6AM, gives you a whole lot of time to take that prize, right?

372594-08022013-pokiesNot so much. Signs as “know your limits”, limited number of pokies per country, loosing awareness of the real world around you while you play should make you ask some questions. Are you able to control pokies or yourself? Both, just one, neither? Although it seems that little bit of entertainment couldn’t possibly be wrong, statistics show a constant rise of gamblers, Australia leading. Reasons for siting down in front of the flashy pokies day after day vary. Some like the excitement, some are chasing easy money, some see it as a way of being social. Either way, there is one fact that represents the biggest problem about gambling: the things you’re looking for in pokies will not be given to you. Every single thing about pokies is designed to makeyour stay, play and lose.

      Let’s face it: easiest way to keep and/or gain excitement and money is not investing them into any machines. So let’s keep pokies on our list of choices and not needs.

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