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Playing online pokies on you PC-s or on laptops?

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015

All of us have a PC or a laptop but which one is better for online gambling?

Laptops are famous today because of their possibility of moving everywhere. You can bring your laptop everywhere you want to go and you can always play online mobile pokies games on it but there are some bad thing about laptops and here are some of them:

    6-panduan-taruhan-onlineThe first one is that your laptop can’t have internet connection in every place. For example when you go on vacation on the mountain and you really want to play poker you can’t play it without internet connection. That’s why mobile phones are better for gambling. You can pay on internet and have it also on the top of the mountain.
    The second bad thing about laptops is their battery. Their battery can’t last forever so be very careful for what are you using your laptop.
        Laptops have also good things for online gambling such as poker. When you start playing poker you need hours and hours to make big sums of money or chips. All those time you need to stand in real casinos or to sit on the chairs on you PC. When you have a laptop in your home with plug in the nearby that problems will be gone. You can lie in your bed and play poker on your laptop and be very relaxed. When you are on stress you can make some bad decisions.
      Today, you can play poker games on internet for real money and just for fun. When you play for fun you will improve your skills with every game and someday you will be good in real casino games for real money. Many people play poker on this way, so you can become one of them.

When you play your online poker games on your PC, you will enjoy in its size and in feel which it gives to you. You will feel like a professional poker player. It might be stressful to sit all day on the chair, but it will also pay out. Your PC doesn’t have those mobility options but it can be on your desk and wait for you anytime. It also has much more space than laptop so you can download software for poker game.

      When you install the software on your PC you will have your game only for you. There won’t be those advertising that can disturb you while you are playing your important game. One of the famous social networks Facebook implemented that possibility that you can play Texas Hold’em Poker on it. Most of us have a Facebook account and most of us are already playing. On Facebook you can’t of course earn any real money but you can for sure learn a lot from other player.

It doesn’t matter where you play poker on Facebook. The only thing that is important is that you have fun and that you earn some money.

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